I do not have social media, so you have to subscribe or follow this blog to get updates. There are two ways:

  1. Through WordPress: There’s are two widgets on the home page or any of the menu pages. One is a button for following through wordpress (requires account) and the other is to subscribe to recieve new blog posts as emails (requires only your email and no wordpress account). They are on the right side of the screen when viewed on a computer and at the bottom of the page when viewed on a phone or tablet. WordPress following means my new posts will show up on your wordpress reader. Email subscribing means you get each new post emailed to you.
  2. Through MailChimp: You can sign up here or follow the QR code for the new MailChimp RSS to email thing I just set up. I have a lot more control over this list than the the wordpress email subscriber thing, and I can add people myself if they ask me to. What you’ll get is a slightly prettier email whenever a new post comes out.