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Live the questions now

Veganism and restrictive eating

A foolish consistency

Maybe it’s not me– it’s grad school

No need to explain

My fantasy grunge band has the best name

Instead of “I’m anxious,” try “I feel threatened”

Scrupulosity: my EAGxBoston 2019 lightning talk

Alternative beauty: my tummy pokes out

Multiverse of minds

The Turing Test podcast is back with Bryan Caplan!

Internet identity bag

Lessons from leaving facebook


What does it mean about me that I hate tattoos so much?

Last Piece Fallacy

Optimal Designs

The Golden Mean revisited

Kicking an addiction to self-loathing

On privacy

Self-righteousness, imo

Letting the facts speak for themselves

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder

Casting “Riddikulus” on intrusive thoughts

cis gratitude

Mood shifts

Depressive altruism and feet of clay

Launched my podcast

Migraines: the sword of Damocles

You only have one life

The remembering self needs to get real about the experiencing self.

A fairly original complaint about Mass Effect 3’s endings

I don’t care that you haven’t heard of it– what you have or haven’t heard of means nothing

On losing my privilege

Everything in moderation?

In defense of midichlorians

My favorite poem

We have to think mechanistically about morality

Post-election: Re-dedicating myself to skepticism and open discourse

Should I wear makeup?

We are in triage every second of every day

potential lost; substance gained

Charity hacks

More on narcissism

So-called communal narcissists


On overcoming procrastination

My PhilPapers Philosophical Positions survey answers

Experiment: Making my own broth