Volunteer to receive personalized conceptual art?

Update (9:50 pm, 2-11-20): Wow, what an amazing response! I think I have all the volunteers I need. Thanks so much everyone for your interest!

Hello readers and friends! I am developing a conceptual art series which I eventually plan to sell. Each piece is customized for the recipient. I have already made many for myself and some for family. But I need some volunteers to recieve FREE pieces! I need help to figure out how much consultation is typically needed, how long it takes me to make a piece based on a consultation, what price you would be willing to pay, what sales platform you find easiest to use, what and how much explanatory material I should provide, etc.

If you’re down, the consultation would be by Skype and take either 30 minutes or an hour (I’m testing both lengths), you may spend up to half an hour reading things like instructions for the consultation and the artist’s statement. After the official consultation, I’d like to spend half an hour talking about your client experience, and after you’ve used the piece, I’d like to talk again about how it went. So predicted time spent is max 2.5 hours. But I promise this will be fun. Commissioning the piece is basically just talking about yourself. And the piece itself is a piece of practical, custom-designed conceptual art made especially for you.

Sorry to be so vague about the art itself! I’m not ready to put the idea out there until I’m in business. If you want to know more about the series, and especially if you want to volunteer, just email me with the form below. (You won’t be on the hook to volunteer just for asking for more information.) And please share this post with anyone you think may be interested 🙂

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