Moral Infancy

What’s important is that suffering exists– not that you can see it.

Dillon Bowen

Before reading, take a moment to watch this wonderful video.

Quick synopsis: A man in a grocery store is advertising fresh sausage. When customers enter an order, the man squeezes out some sausage from his ‘sausage-making machine’. But there’s a problem – the sausage runs out. So the man goes and gets a piglet, puts it in the machine, and cranks out some fresh sausage, ostensibly killing the piglet right before the customers’ eyes.

Customers are clearly distraught, covering their eyes and turning their heads away. All the while, the man keeps repeating, ‘Look, look!’. The woman at 4:50 has a particularly telling reaction.

Man: “Look, it says right here…” [points to the sign advertising fresh sausage]

Woman: “I’ve never seen such a thing in my life!”

Man: “It’s fresh! Look, look!”

Jean Piaget, a brilliant Swiss psychologist, was the first to study object permanence in children. Object permanence…

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